Enofrigo America

Enofrigo America Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enofrigo SpA.
This venture will allow Enofrigo to offer its US customers the same service, quality and performance as we do in Italy and Europe Enofrigo America is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.
This investment by Enofrigo SpA will enable Enofrigo America to be a first class, responsive supplier to all of the United States Market Place.

The advantages:

  • Fully staffed offices in South Bend, IN
  • Warehouse and full service staff
  • Fully Trained Service Technicians
  • Ready to ship inventory
  • Eliminating the freight costs from Italy, large or small orders
  • All transactions in US Dollars
  • The ability to listen, learn and react to our US customers needs
  • Quotes, literature, order acknowledgments, shipping information all in REAL time for speed and efficiency
  • Available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 Pm EST


Wine Library +

A shiny point catching everybody’s attention Wine Library is a product designed to create the most attractive wine bottle display in a dining room. The height of the doors, up to 220 cm, with outstanding LED lighting and mirrored internal walls provide an elegant and refined frame for wine bottles. With Wine Library bottled wine becomes a shiny point catching.

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Innovates the concept of traditional wine cabinets. Lighting is improved to ensure ultimate display of wine bottles in the cabinet. LED lights are embedded all along the front of the door frame and the internal mirror laminate walls create depth and pleasant light effects, which enhance visibility of wine bottles in the cabinet.

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Enogalax is the most advanced solution in the universe of wine bottle displays and storage cabinets, thanks to its technology, design and flexibility. Born as a result of an extraordinary planning and productive investment made by Enofrigo in collaboration with an internationally renowned designer, Enogalax is a modern system that allows almost infinite solutions and compositions, from small single modules to the dream wine-room.

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Enofrigo Spa will be present at NRA SHOW 2020 that will take place in Chicago, May 16-19, 2020. We look forward to meet you at our booth: Booth #319, South Building

We are pleased to announce the relocation of our US subsidiary ENOFRIGO AMERICA.
Starting from the beginning of May our equipment inventory will be moved to South Bend, Indiana.

The new address is:
3705 William Richardson Dr.
South Bend, IN 46628
Phone: 574.2433.672


It has now been a few years since Enofrigo SpA established a wholly owned subsidiary in the USA, called Enofrigo America Corp., in order to provide a strong range of wine cellars.

The purpose of Enofrigo America Corp. is to improve the service levels to our customers in the Americas by providing wine library related services that we are not able to adequately provide directly from our factory in Italy.
Due to Enofrigo America, more and more of our customers will have easier access to Enofrigo's products, will learn about their value and will experience and appreciate our best service.

"Centralized logistic support and customer service for more efficient wine refrigeration solutions"

The advantages are:

  • Better coordination of orders, shipments and installation of wine cellar solutions
  • Faster response time for quotations
  • Centralized ordering, invoicing and payment regardless of whether your orders ship from South Bend USA or from Italy

"Native English-speaking sales and administrative staff for improved service and communication"

The advantages are:

  • Increased service by sales professionals who know the territory and the problems in the market
  • Improved responsiveness to customer’s needs and decreased possibility of errors
  • Native English-speaking professional assistance about wine refrigeration equipment
  • American business hours

So, Enofrigo America is aiming to further improve products and services already at the top in terms of reliability and performance, competing with challenging different markets and cultures on a daily basis.